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The Louvretec® system is a truly unique offering you a clean, elegant and integrated look with concealed drive components out of view and protected from the elements.

Much of this is due to the award winning Spiral Pivot drives standard with all Opening Roofs and Operable Spiral Pivot Sun Louvres. These systems are fully engineered and manufactured to the highest standard using only the highest grade aluminium and marine grade stainless steel. The extra wide gutters are correctly mitered and fixings are concealed, countersunk and minimal in detail.

Each blade includes a wool pile strip and a drip sill. The wool pile strip will help reduce drafts and eliminates rattling in windy conditions and close quietly, while the drip sill stops water from creeping back along the under side of the louvres and drip into your enclosure. Combine this with our wide gutter system and you get the most water resistance system on the market.

With eight different Opening Roof louvre profiles to select from and an array of installation methods we have a solution to every project. With the use of complimentary lighting, heating, external blinds, shutters or sun louvres you can create an entire external room to maximise and enjoy the outdoors.

It’s your dry oasis on a rainy day, a heat sink for a bright chilly winter’s morning and the perfect setting for entertaining on any given day of the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An opening roof creates the ultimate outdoor room providing both function and design in one. Your louvres can be rotated up to 180 degrees letting you pitch the louvres to achieve the ideal balance between sunlight, shade and airflow.  You can use your louvres to follow the sun’s path on a cold day or block the sun on hot days while providing you with operable shelter and protection from the weather. Opening Roof louvres let you set and control conditions at any time during the day. This means you aren’t limited to one or the other. Have a closed roof when you want a cosy outdoor living area, or open it up to feel the freshness of the day without feeling the full force of the sun.

An opening roof pergola is simply an opening roof added atop your existing timber pergola. If you aren’t sure what a pergola is, it is a traditional outdoor feature that often has four pillars with cross-beams or lattice beams above, providing some shade. It is common for vines to be grown up and over the structure. Adding an opening roof gives you the option of having operable shade control.

Alternatively, Louvretec offers a range of aluminium frames and posts that have been designed for our Opening Roof systems. Enjoy a modern design that suits any home.

It’s worth considering the opening direction of your louvres to help in balancing the benefits of solar gain and the shading needs of your home. Here in Perth, Western Australia the sun tracks through the northern sky at around 34 degrees in the depths of winter and rising to 81 degrees in the peak of summer.

In general, if your living space faces the North then spanning the louvres in an East-to-West direction and opening them to the North means the louvres are pointing toward the low winter sun and you don’t need to change the angle of the louvres for most of the day. This maximises the solar gain in winter months. If you living space faces to the East then spanning louvres in a North-to-South direction and opening them to the East will allows maximum light during the morning but will require you to adjust the pitch of the louvre as the sun tracks through the sky. Similar principal applies to West facing living spaces in maximising the setting sun.

On balance you need to consider this in relation to other factors impacting on the design such as aesthetes and costs, as in some cases this General Rule may not give you the best outcome when all things are considered. You should keep in mind this is not a fixed sun louvre, your louvres will rotate well past 90 degrees until they are almost touching means you can pitch to louvres to any angle to achieve maximum or minim light and sun at any time of the day and in any season.

Additional resources on sustainable and solar passive home design:

There are a number of key issue that impact on costs. Factors like (a) Do you need us to also provide frame and posts (b) the number of bays and the spans of the louvres, generally you want to reduce the number of bays and keep the span as wide as you need, (c) Selections such as finishes and louvre profiles and (d) site conditions. Email or call us and we would be happy to discuss your project and provide an estimate. A broad range of price range would be from $1900 to $2500 per square meter.

We would advise you to check with your local council before any work starts. Under the National Construction Code, Louvretec roofs are classed as 10a Permeable Minor Structures and your Council can inform you of any regulations that apply in particular to your property and inform you about the building application process. Factors like boundary set-backs, fire wall separation, structure height and weather you are replacing an existing structure or starting new can impact on your design and approval progress. We can assist with your application and create all the plans, drawings and drafting your application. Talk to us about your plans.  For further information:

Building Commissions guide to building approvals:

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Louvretec Opening Roofs are all fully engineered & feature the upgraded and award winning Spiral Pivot System.

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