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The Louvretec® range of Coastal Series Shutters is designed to suit any architectural brief.

These Coastal Series can be configured as Sliding panels, Bi-folding panels, Hinged or Fixed panels. All componentry has completed extensive corrosion resistant testing and the componentry is constructed using extruded and die-cast aluminium with 316 marine grade stainless steel fixings and carriers.

Sliding and Bi-Folding Shutters can be top hung or bottom rolling. Top hung shutters have the advantage of being held captive within an enclosed heavy duty aluminium head track that house stainless steel trucks and uses a minimal bottom guide. Bottom rolling shutters do not require structural fixing at the head with all weight being on the low profile bottom track.

Adjustable louvres provide no lateral bracing for sliding panels and in most cases for shutters wider than 1500mm a transom is required.

As generally smaller louvres [70 to 90mm] are used in sliding shutters a mullion maybe required in panels over 1200 to 1500mm wide.

Louvretec shutters use the KISS Pivot operation with double drive-arms that sit flush against the frame when closed. For added strength Slide Locks are included which are designed to keep louvres in pre-set positions regardless of the wind conditions. Louvres can also be installed to fixed angles and centres as you require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In building terms, louvres are either fixed or adjustable horizontal slats that are aimed at controlling the amount of sunlight, offering you a choice of shade or sun. They can also be used to provide shelter from the weather and admit or omit air, blocking wind or allowing a necessary breeze on a hot day. Louvretec specialises in louvres, offering the leading technology for your home or commercial property.
If you are interested in adding sleek and stylish louvres to your home, there are plenty of product options available at Louvretec Australia. From opening roofs to shutters and sun louvre systems, a solution can be found for any problem with us. We have over half a dozen products, each with several individual styles for each.
Aluminium is the most durable material for louvres, providing a strong and long-lasting product which can deal with years of extended use and harsh weather conditions in the mixed Australian seasons. Aluminium louvres are also available in multiple powdercoated or anodised colours to match the look and style of your property or brand.
The goal of sun louvres is to provide sunlight control for your residential or commercial property. Sun louvres aren’t confined to one design. They come in a full range of Airfoil and Rectangular shaped louvres, granting you protection from the sun above or morning and evening sun coming from the side. These durable aluminium louvres come with hand-operable or motorised functionality.


Louvretec Opening Roofs are all fully engineered & feature the upgraded and award winning Spiral Pivot System.

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